FAR – Fighting Against Rape, A Modern Selfdefence Academy.
We give you the beneficial education to save you from threatening situations.
A reliable academy with realistic practice and pedagogical lectures, with over 3,000 students and nominated Swedish Heroes 2011.
We are proud to be Sweden’s largest Selfdefence Academy.

Starting in October 2010, after the terrible assaults on Nancy Tavsan and Elin Krantz we started academy with the help of our popular concept ‘Free-Saturdays’ here in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Our stubborn zerovision and anger drove us to make the city safer. At first we had no idea how big the Academy would be, the development was unpredictable and we, ourselves, have learned a lot along the way thanks to the variability of our students, we still learn something new every lesson!

Of all the nominations and awards we have received, nothing replaces the joy of seeing how all our participants, individually, are growing as people that are getting to know themselves more, being more creative and aware! The development is beautiful and it only gets better and better! You can also help us spread the FAR-Philosophy!